Z Coil Z Trek Shoes

Z-Coil Z-Trek Shoes

I couldn’t resist to expose these ‘Pogo-stick meets high-heel’ shoes. Z-Coil states that their shoes incorporate “patented, shock-absorbing design greatly reduces impact to the body and distributes pressure more evenly across the foot than conventional shoes do. And less impact means less pain.”

These things are totally ridiculous and dangerous to boot. Does the company actually expect people to believe that this conical coil contraption will reduce injury and pain? Make sure you have enough insurance before strapping these death-traps to your feet. I can see twisted ankles, sprains, broken wrists (due to falling) and dislocations all over the place. I wonder if they come with a bottle of ibuprofen and bandages…
Z-Coil Z-Trek Running Shoes

Then there’s this blog post on how great these things are. Have a read, makes for a few good laughs.

Bottom line: The more technology between your feet and the ground the more problems will develop leading to injuries.  Poor form and excess mileage thanks to a ‘comfortable ride’ are a recipe to injuries. Remember, less is more!

Be safe out there folks and don’t try these (shoes) at home, or anywhere else for that matter!

Happy (barefoot) trails!

What are your thoughts on these shoes?