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I love the feeling of moving through life without shoes. It is like you have added a whole new part of your body to caress your surroundings with.

Shopping barefoot is such a joyous experience. Green bags in hand I hop into the car. The feeling of the mat on the floor is coarse and always a bit dirty. My toes can curl slightly on the accelerator as I steer the car onward.

I park and get out of the car. The ground in the car park is hot and black. I walk quickly in the Aussie summer and my feet, although they feel the intense heat of the black tar, are OK with it.

Inside the supermarket the tiles are smooth and cool. Such difference in feel to the car park. My feet sigh a happy sigh.

I move through the isles feeling my stride. I move with stealth feeling every footstep. The touch and the way my foot rolls, the stretch of my arch the strength of my ankles. On my toes to grab a product and slip it into the basket.

Past the fridge isle. The floor is deliciously cold in summer but painful in winter. It is a sensation I never knew existed when I wore shoes.

I am finished and standing in line for the checkout. I practice balancing on one foot and then the other. Close my eyes and incorporate my stabilizer muscles. Next I lean forward and stretch my achilles and calves. I am subtle in my movements. I wonder if anyone notices. I bet everyone else in line is lost in their own world.

I pay, pack my stuff in my green bags, move back to the hot car park and then drive home.

It seems sad that most people choose to press the mute button on their feet. There is so much in this world to feel when you just get around with nude feet.