Winter Barefoot Running

Winter Barefoot Running

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I live in Florida. The extent of ‘winter’ here is… well, there isn’t. While living in Calgary, Canada however (see pic above) I had the pleasure of running through many winter seasons. For those not familiar with Alberta winters, they’re known to last a good 7 months with. Running barefoot for many runners coast-to-coast is next to impossible. There are some that run that have trained to run in sub zero conditions, but for the most of us, this kid including, no way!

So what to wear when the streets or trails are snow, ice or slush covered?

I’ve personally tried:

  • Aqua shoes with warm socks
  • Racing flats
  • Thinnest trail runners with insoles removed
  • Teva’s with socks (sprayed with ’3M Scotchgard’)

None of these options really worked all that well.

What have you tried? What worked? What failed? Share your winter running tips!