Boy With Surprised Look

boy with surprised look

Here’s an oldie but goodie. This post is from an FAQ found on Society for Barefoot Living

When walking or running barefoot you’ll often have curious folks ask why you’re unshod. Here are 37 light-hearted responses you can try next time. Enjoy!

You’re barefoot!

1) You’re not!
2) You’re observant!
3) You’re right!
4) Thanks for the tip.
5) No shit, Sherlock.

Why aren’t you wearing shoes?

6) Don’t like ‘em.
7) They make my feet sweat/stink.
8) My feet like the fresh air.
9) My feet were hot.
10) One less thing to do in the morning.
11) Why aren’t you wearing gloves [hat]?
12) To annoy people like you.
13) Why do you care?
14) I’m allergic to them.
15) I’m not wearing a tie either.
16) I’m off-duty.
17) I’m opposed to wasting petrochemicals/leather.
18) I’m performing a scientific foot-toughening experiment.
19) If I don’t keep in contact with the ground, I build up a static charge.
20) My feet were jealous of my hands.
21) I’ll give you three-thousand guesses.
22) They are a conspiracy by multi-national plastic and leather merchants.
23) I knew I had forgotten something!

Why are you barefoot?

24) I like the way it feels.
25) It’s much more comfortable.
26) I think it looks cool.
27) I want to toughen my feet.
28) It’s good for my feet.
29) Because feet are beautiful.
30) It gives me this wonderful feeling of freedom.
31) I want keep in touch with the earth.
32) Because I’m not wearing shoes [duh!].
33) Try and work it out.
34) Because I m not concerned with your contempt.
35) Dunno.
36) Because you don’t pay my salary.
37) I’m in a time-warp from the ’60s.