Office Feet

I’ve received a number of emails asking* if Skora shoes would be appropriate to wear to work (the office).

This question makes for a fantastic blog post!

Many of us (including shod runners) would like nothing more than to go around the office barefoot, or at least in our socks. Too bad we can’t.

There are a number of ‘barefoot’ or minimal shoes out there but they either look terrible or fall apart too quickly. I’m not even mentioning the fact some make you look like a scuba diver or rock climber, ok, so I did mention it.

I thought I’d throw a short POLL to see what your thoughts are! Vote now!

p.s. Tim in KY, you’ll be the first to get a pair!

*Answer: Yes. They’ll be cool enough to wear with jeans or khakis and you won’t look like like a goof…