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With all the barefoot running buzz it seems little spotlight is put on the simple pleasure and benefit of barefoot walking

When a person wears shoes all the time, their feet (soles) become soft and tender. So by barefoot walking outdoors at least several times a week your feet won’t be as sensitive to the different textures you may encounter. Take pleasure in the different sensations your feet will feel. Sandy trails, cool grass, gritty sidewalks, warm pavement, puddles, pebbles and such.

In a matter of a few short weeks you’ll notice the difference in how your body connects with the earth below your feet. Your posture may even improve and walking will begin to feel more natural and primal. Barefoot walking will also reduce bunions, callouses, athlete’s foot, ingrown nails and foot odor — all the goodies attributed to modern tight-fitting shoes.

Your feet are rich with nerve endings, sensory receptors, muscles and tendons. By barefoot walking as much as possible, and not just around the house, you’ll strengthen your feet and just maybe rediscover the true joy of walking.

Just a few simple rules for barefoot walking: Watch the path ahead, tread lightly on unknown surfaces or trails, refrain from placing too much weight on your heels, and lastly, walk barefoot often!

Consider starting your own Barefoot Walking Group. Craigslist or Meetup is a good place to start. Let us know about your group and we’ll add it to this community.

Happy barefoot trails!