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Barefoot and Minimalist Running

How much cushioning should be in a pair of running shoes? Well, this is a matter of personal preference. Whether you prefer running with more or less, each of them comes with impressive benefits. However, natural running has lately become very popular. Welcome to learn more about bare foot running.

Natural and Minimalist Running

One of the common questions that people ask is: What is bare foot running? This means running using minimalist shoes that help to mimic the natural way a person would run with naked feet. The shoes have limited midsole cushioning, especially the beefy heel cushioning.

Bare foot running is advantageous because it supports low-impact gait. The minimalist shoes make it easy to encourage you to land on the midfoot as opposed to the heel. This is particularly beneficial especially if you are learning how to run with forefoot stride.

Another advantage of natural running is that you are able to feel the ground (proprioception). For some runners, feeling the connection with the ground gives them strong attachments with the race.

The most notable thing about natural running is that minimalist shoes are lighter. Therefore, you are likely to clock faster speed rates because there is no additional load attached to your legs.


Tips for Running Barefoot

If you prefer minimalist running, it is important to have a clear strategy for outdoing competitors. Here are some useful tips that you can use.

  • Practice landing on the midfoot as opposed to the heel. This is important in strengthening the feet muscles as the body adjusts to bare foot running.
  • Avoid over striding when running barefoot. If you over stride, you are likely to put extra pressure on the toes which can put stress in the Achilles tendon, calf muscles, and arch of the foot.
  • Do not do anything that can cause pain when running barefoot. If you realize that it feels painful when running with the feet naked, consider shifting gradually until the foot muscles become strong enough to run naturally.
  • Get the right minimalist shoes. Minimalist shoes are designed with limited cautioning so that every step on the ground feels natural. These shoes are recommended because they help to protect the feet from injuries when running. To pick the best natural shoes, consider reading Skora running shoes reviews.
  • If you are new to natural running, it is important to start by acclimating the feet. This means walking more with your naked feet or using minimalist shoes. Then, shift to short distance running as the feet get used to minimalist shoes.

Minimalist Running Shoes

When selecting minimalist or bare foot running, you want to get the pair that will make the feet feel natural on the ground. Here is an account of how to select the best pieces:
  • The first thing to consider is fit. Minimalist shoes should fit the feet perfectly well without adding too much space on the toes. If you plan to use the shoes with socks, ensure to fit them with the socks on.
  • The material used to design the minimalist shoes. Like other shoes, you want a pair that is designed with strong and durable material. It should also be easy to clean, dry, and store.
  • Perfect fit for your traits. The ideal minimalist shoes should have a perfect mix of flexibility (rotational and lengthwise). They should also be light in weight to make running easy and fast.
  • Read Skora running shoes reviews to understand more about minimalist shoes and how to pick the best. The reviews dig deeper into the design of the shoes and provide useful advice to help you become a better bare foot running athlete.

Running Events & Competitions

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If you fancy athletics especially racing, bare foot running is one of the best ways to strengthen feet muscles and enjoy a special connection with the competitions. Make sure to also have the right minimalistic running shoes and follow a great strategy to run faster.

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