SKORA Running Shoes Available for Pre-Order

SKORA Running Available for Pre-Order

We’re very excited that the long-anticipated SKORA Running shoes are finally coming to fruition. You can pre-order your very own pair of BASE or FORM shoes. Visit to get ...

Barefoot Running on the Sand

Giving Barefooting a Try

Running coach and barefoot running advocate Lee Saxby has partnered with VIVOBAREFOOT to help spread the good word about the wonders of running with naked feet. In an interview with ...

Head Stabilization and Barefoot Running

Head Stabilization and Barefoot Running

Running really is a mental game, but it’s also just…a head game. Ever thought about how your head stabilizes itself when you run? Or how this particular piece of anatomy has ...


Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say

Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say…

Fantastic video from Steven at I think we can all relate ...

SKORA Running Appears in The Gear Caster

SKORA® Running, whose male line of minimalist running shoes will be debuting ...

Should You Toss Your Running Shoes and Go Barefoot?

Remember when you were a kid? You raced around the playground or ...

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Caring for Aging Feet

The Art of Aging Bare Feet

How do our feet age? So much is said about the rest of our bodies. As we grow older, we expect to see our bodies become different, for things to change shape and rearrange, and our society makes a lot of fuss about how to prevent these natural signs of aging. But what about our [...]

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Barefoot and Minimalist for Younger Generations?

In the running world, we tend to focus on ourselves as adults. The vast majority of literature about transitioning to minimalist and barefoot style is geared towards adults. We, as grown-ups, have to relearn what we have forgotten about since childhood, namely how to recapture that ability to run around in bare feet. How many [...]

Continue Reading Gets a New Look

You might notice things are looking a little different around here at We’ve been working hard to give the site a new look and a new direction. We want to keep you up to date on the latest in barefoot and minimalism news and we want to give you more reviews on all the [...]

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Sneak peek of Skora Running Shoe

SKORA releases new teaser photo

SKORA just released a sneak peek of one of their upcoming minimal, zero-drop, running shoes. Visit their Facebook page or go directly to the photo

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Sneak Peak of the new Skora Barefoot Running Shoes

SKORA releases teaser photo of upcoming minimal running shoe

Skora Running released a teaser shot on the company’s Facebook page of their upcoming laceless minimal running shoe. Photo and comments indicate this is an early pullover (aka upper sample). LINK:

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HBO Sports Examines the Barefoot Running Movement

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel examines the barefoot running movement; When the Emmy®-winning shoe returns May 18, exclusively on HBO. REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL presents more enterprising features and reporting when its 158th edition, available in HDTV, debuts TUESDAY, MAY 18 (10:00 p.m. ET/PT & 9:00 p.m. CT), exclusively on HBO. Segments include: *Sole [...]

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Wall of Running Shoes

Consumers Say “No More” to Motion Control Running Shoes

June 2009 retail figures* are showing that: ‘Motion Control’ shoe sales fell 13%, ‘Stability’ shoe sales fell 2%, while ‘Neutral’ cushioned running shoe sales increased by 16%. I think this is much more than seasonal trend, it’s proof that consumers and runners alike are searching for shoes that are ‘less‘ rather than ‘more’. In a related [...]

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I pronate -

You’re Incapable. Hail the Running Shoe!

I find it amusing yet disturbing how mainstream running footwear brands try to enforce their belief that there’s something wrong with your body. Somehow you’re born with deficiencies that prevent you to run, thanks to running shoes a remedy was found. Too funny!

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ESPN Poll Suggests 1 in 3 Would Run Barefoot

ESPN recently conducted an informal poll asking: “A recent theory in the running world proposes that running without shoes is better for you. Would you consider running barefoot?” The result? The average from coast-to-coast shows 34% would give it a try… Below are the results from over 6,000 respondents across the country. Quite promising data despite [...]

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Barefoot Running on the Beach

Baring your Sole

MacDougall explains. “The foot is the greatest disciplinarian. You can’t over-pronate, can’t over-train, can’t over-stride … if you do anything wrong, the foot will tell you `uh uh, don’t do that’. Shoes are like morphine: a sedative that deadens the pain.”

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